Hog Roast Bray

BrayBray is my home away from home, I have always enjoyed visiting this gorgeous part of the country and visiting the landmarks there like Monkey Island, not the computer game but an actual island with a building featuring many pictures of monkeys! This was created by the third Duke of Marlborough.

I work as a hog roast Bray chef and have done for many years now, I’m based around the Maidenhead area and I’m not stranger in these parts! The last hog roast I completed was in Bray, I was pleased with this job as I got to visit some of my famous friends from this area before and after the job.

Bray is home to Bray Studios where each year a celebration of the Hammer Horror series of films was made many full moons ago, they had asked for a hog roast in order to keep all the zombies and vampires full whilst numerous beers and wines were consumed whilst films were shown. I was pleased to be a part of it!

The Best Hog Roasts In Bray

With the hog roast Bray being a Horror themed affair, I donned a bit of make-up and got into my brief role of vampire-roaster, this was done professionally and I maintained high standards of cleanliness at all times!
I stuck to the traditional herb roast, in which I like to stuff the hog with fine pork and herb sausage and sage to give the hog succulence and maximum flavour. I cover the parts of the hog that could burn easily with strong foil so that the end result isn’t too much of a horror show for people after good aesthetics from their food!
The company I work for supply the hog roast hire Bray and this job also gave me a chance to catch up with my old friend Heston Blumenthal who runs the Fat Duck in the centre of Bray, he was in between filming for his TV show whilst I was in the area so IHog Roast Bray popped in for a pint and told him about the Hammer Horror festival which he was actually invited to but couldn’t make it.

He informed me that his supplier for the sausages he serves in his restaurant would be in that day and I could get some fantastic stuffing mixes for my hogs, I waited for them to arrive and sure enough, they looked fantastic. Heston cooked a few of them up for me in the oven as roasted sausage is always best, greasy meat is never desired from anywhere, I’ve worked hard throughout my career to ensure that none of my food ends up like that!

After meeting with Heston, I began to prepare the hogs, as I was using two whole hogs; I doubled up on the amount of sausage and herbs. This coupled with a fine spray of olive oil and sea salt for the ultimate crackling. Ensuring great crackling is a key part to all hog roasts that I perform, the crackling is what absolutely everyone wants a piece of and it makes even vegetarians go a bit weak at the knee!

Leaders In Our Field

The hog roast hire Bray gave me the opportunity to try out one of the newly designed machines that allow a slightly shorter cooking time, this is good as people can get a little agitated by the time the hog roast is ready, especially as the crackling is in short supply.

For sides at the Hammer Horror festival, I did a fresh potato salad and Ciabatta rolls, these seem to be the biggest crowd pleasers at the events I cater for, Frankenstein seemed to agree!

Hog Roast BrayOnce all the guests were suitably refreshed and satisfied from what is always the best food to have at party occasions, I began to sort out what leftovers there were and make sure everyone had a few pieces to take home with them. The breakdown and clear-up of the machine and leftovers, is quite easy for me as I have practiced it many times! I have a decent-sized van to house all of my equipment and get me around easily.

I love to visit Bray and see old friends as well as play a part of the Hammer Horror celebrations; I do hope to move here one day, maybe, I’ll retire here? I’ve only got another 30 years left to wait!

Some of the celebration rubbed off on me as I’ve ordered a Hammer Horror box set off the internet so that’s my weekends sorted for the next few months!