Hog Roast Bracknell

BracknellLet me introduce myself. I’m Roy and, together with my wife Jacky and my sons John and James, we run Manor Farm, all 23 acres of it. I could tell you all about the Saddleback pigs and Kellybronze turkeys that we rear…but I guess there’s only one thing you want to hear about? That would be being a caterer of probably the finest hog roasts in Bracknell, wouldn’t it? It may sound like a strange thing for a farmer to get into but to me it seems a perfectly natural way to diversify. Some make jams and chutneys, others make cheese….well, I’m hog roast Bracknell and I love doing it!

What makes hog roasting so special for me is the opportunity to not only meet people at events all across Bracknell and being able to cook some of my very own pork? That’s right, as a proud hog roast Bracknell caterer, the people of Bracknell are privileged to eat one of my farm’s very own pigs.
These are quality Saddleback pigs, you know. Lovingly cared for on Manor Farm, completely free range reared without the use of additives, drugs or growth promoters. When you eat one of my hog roasts, you are eating a premier pig! Working on a farm gets you used to hard work, and being a hog roast caterer is no different.

The Best Hog Roasts In Bracknell

Our hog roasts are pretty special, I have to say. Maybe it’s my lovingly reared Saddlebacks that taste so good or maybe it’s the way that me, the wife and my two lads carefully tend to the hog roasting process. Whatever we do, we seem to do it just right. We’ve done a wide range of events for hog roast Bracknell, from your typical christenings, bonfires, parties and birthday get togethers, to some really top notch events. Bracknell is a really great place to be a hog roast caterer.Hog Roast Bracknell

We catered for an event recently in which our delicious hog roast took centre stage. The event was a surprise 40th birthday party. As usual, we arrived at the venue a good 7 hours before serve time in order to get the hog roasting and prepare the accompaniments for the 50 guests. We had to be extremely quiet as the guest of honour arrived. We were set up in the back garden under a marquee and heard a huge SURPRISE! That was our cue to carve the succulent pork. The meat itself was met with rave reviews and a special endorsement from the birthday boy as he invited us back for his 50th!

Of course we don’t have to do the hog roasting for you. We can supply everything you need for a DIY hog roast, this is a perfect solution for many events, but often people can’t be doing with the stress and leave it all to us. We are very good at it. After all, we’ve had lots of practice. You know, I think people love a good hog roast not simply because it’s a really tasty meal but because it’s a great value option. Hog roast really is a bargain when you compare it to some other options. Plus you get the spectacle of it all: a free range, top quality hog roast slowly roasting for all to see, able to feed around a hundred guests. When you get the Maslin’s as your hog roast caterers in Bracknell, you are getting something special!