Hog Roast Catering


Sit back and relax- isn’t that what we all like to do once in a while?? Here at Spitting Pig Berkshire we endeavour to take the stress out of all your catering worries. Catering is something we have a passion for aswell as running our own farm so you get the best free range produce. A Hog roast is fast becoming more and more known throughout the world of catering. Every event that we have catered for is different but yet we gain more and more experience from them. We cater from the fewer numbers to the higher so this really is not an issue. We have our own transport and machines to serve you the perfect Pig roast or any other choice of meat.

Having a Hog roast certainly tastes far more delicious than the standard traditions in a conventional oven. The meat is so much tender and succulent. We rear our own Saddle back pigs and KellyBronze turkeys so we know just how important it is to look after the animals and make sure only the highest quality meat is used. We offer a wide range of catering including marquee catering and party catering menus to suit. Whether it is an informal gathering or a full blown banquet or a more intimate setting. We can cater for your needs, your tastes and your budget. And even if none of our menus suit your tastes, we will happily work with you to develop a new menu with everything from drinks to evening buffets.

Why Use Our Catering Services?

Spitting Pig Berkshire provides catering solutions and hog roasts to all types of Private Parties and Events. Birthdays, Anniversaries, weddings, family gatherings, markets, office and Christmas parties as well as outside fairs and fetes, Spitting Pig Berkshire have a variety of menus and options to suit any taste. Our professional team can guarantee your party or events will be a success, with our help, we can ensure your guests are happy and well fed. Across Berkshire whether it is hog roast Tilehurst or even a hog roast party in Hungerford we have catered for parties and provided Hog Roasts and roasting machines with great service and success. The popularity of organic and local produce means now more than ever consumers are showing a preference for their food to be simple.

Meat on a roasting machine cooked in front of them adds an extra guarantee of the honest healthy food we prepare and provide. We give something a bit different from the usual catering buffets and outdoor barbeques to make a creative addition to any event which guests will remark and remember for a long time. With a Hog Roast Machine from Spitting Pig Berkshire you can be assured that your meat and food is the freshest possible as it comes from our own farm where we breed pigs and kelly bronze turkeys. Keeping our animals happy and well fed is as importsaladsant as keeping our customers happy and well fed. Enjoying fresh, organic food cooked in a simple healthy method is becoming as important to our customers as it has been to our family for generations.

We Offer A Full Range Of Accompanying Food

At Spitting Pig Berkshire we are proud of the service we provide and for corporate and business events we have catered for in the past, our customers often remark on our professional service and work ethic. We do everything we can to ensure you and your guests or clients have the best time possible and our roasting machines enable everyone to enjoy fresh local produce and organic meat cooked in front of them. For your event Spitting Pig Berkshire can provide a full hog roast service including set up of machine, hog or meat joints, A Variety of menus, Cooking, food service, chefs, waiters, cutlery and crockery, as well as cleaning and dismantling the machine.

We can take care of all your catering needs whatever your requirements hog roast Berkshire is here to help and make your next function or party a hog roast spectacular. A roasting machine stands out and acts as a great way of drawing customers attention at promotional events and stands. As well as the smell of the fresh roasted meat the spectacle of the joint turning over the open flame leads people towards us and becomes a noticeable talking point. hog roasts are also becoming a popular choice for Christmas and office parties as well our pick up and delivery options on machines means we can bring a traditional hog roast experience directly to our customers in the office or at a location of your choice.
A fresh idea for modern weddings our hog roast machines provide enough food for a large group of people at a fraction of the usual wedding catering costs. For outdoor events in the summer a great chance for your guests to mingle and discuss your big day. In winter a talking point that will feed and entertain a large number of guest with hot, healthy pork, turkey, lamb or chicken. The hog roast machine acts as a social liberator as guests join together round the machine feasting together and picking their own preferences from the roasted joint. Set menus and formal events are becoming less popular and as it is so hard to cater for everybody’s tastes at the same time.

Spitting Pig Berkshire has a range of menus to cater for a variety of different needs and taste buds. Our professional catering team will take all the anxiety and stress from catering for your big day and leave you to stress and worry about everything else. I joke, berk2but as a family company we realise how stressful weddings can be, with a menu or hog roast from us you can rest assured that we will keep your guests well fed and entertained throughout the day. We pride ourselves on providing very affordable menus and options to suit your wedding perfectly. A hog roast is the ideal way to cater for your wedding.

Hire A Machine To Cater Your Own Event

In terms of visual effect there is nothing that beats this. We will do everything from providing the food, the spit roast machines, the chef, the waiting staff and even the plates and cutlery. Not only do we do meat for all the lovers out there, but we also cater for people with dietary needs and Vegetarians. We also understand that small children may not understand the whole idea of Pig on a spit so we also do BBQ options which include our freshly handmade Sausages and Burgers which always go down a treat with the sauces that are supplied to accompany the meats. We can also prepare and serve the side dishes such as Salads, new potatoes, rice dishes, pasta dishes or anything else you may have in mind to suit you and your guests personal preferences. We can cater outside or indoors and no electricity supply is needed as our machines work on gas. We pride ourselves on good customer service, our flexibility and our commitment to our customers.

We guarantee to serve your guests the meal on time and served hot. Here at Spitting Pig Berkshire we understand planning any event such as a Birthday, Engagement, Sportsman dinner and Christmas party can be exhausting, we really can take care of every little detail, so why not leave it in our professional hands. Using only the finest ingredients and using the state of the art machinery we keep in touch with the growing trends and therefore are able to produce some wonderful dishes. Our Machines are easily accessible to all area’s and are lightweight not only that but they are easily manoeuvrable being on wheels. The stainless steel which the machines are used from, are durable and also look the part. We not only provide the fully catered service, but we also hire out the machines if you fancy the experience yourself, at great rates. This allows less intrusion into your own home and also allows you to be the centre of attention.

Preperation Is Vital

menu-3-pigOne the day of any event we arrive in plenty of time as we need to start slowly cooking the choice of meat- this can take up to six hours. We cook on site until the meat is thoroughly cooked throughout then serve to your guests at the time you have requested. We aim to feed your guests generously so we are never un prepared, and the hungry mouths are all fed. The majority of events we cater for are Parties which are a simple Pig in a bun served with apple sauce and stuffing. The crackling that comes from the Pig is also carved and served.

This type of Menu is served Buffet style. You may fancy adding extras like salads or warm herb potatoes that go down a treat too. The aroma’s from the meat will get your guests excited and taste buds tingling. We use all our own flavours and ingredients and even do some homemade sauces. If you have a particular flavour or recipe in which you want to use then we will happily use this.[/peekaboo_content]