Hog Roast Dedworth

DedworthAs spring edges ever closer, it’s always a busy time of year for me as it’s when my work begins to get very busy indeed. My career as a hog roast Dedworth chef began many years ago when I was 21; I decided to go into the hog roast profession after having possibly the greatest roast pork sandwich I had ever tasted. I began to research what made the sandwich so much better than anything I had ever had before.

I began to work for different companies doing freelance work in different parts of the UK and nothing has really changed! These days I work for a hog roast hire Dedworth, they send me to various places. Recently I was sent from the hog roast hire Dedworth itself to cater for a large retirement party.

The party was so large that I actually ended up using two hogs! This is a rarity and the company decided that the amount of people that would attend would need two large hogs. When a job like this comes up, I have to ensure that I can find two similar-sized hogs in order to fulfil the client’s needs.

My local butcher had reserved two for me in good time so that all I would need to do would be to pick up the hogs and prepare them in good time. The majority of my hogs come from a quality assured farm where the pigs are bred in a great environment, they are all free to roam wherever they need to which gives the resulting meat a great texture and maximum flavour.

The Best Hog Roasts In Dedworth

The hog roast Dedworth ended up being a great job to complete; I arrived on time, despite the horrendous traffic! I got myself set up and put the hog roast on. Once it was cooking, I started to work on a few extra sides for the guests, all the rolls and French bread was set out in baskets and the side salads were ready to go, I keep theseHog Roast Dedworth covered to ensure maximum freshness when the hog is ready to serve.

The day before, after picking up the hogs, I started my preparation. People think that in my job I turn up and roast a pig and feed a lot of people! It’s not the case, the day before I have to start preparing the hog for the next day’s roast; it saves time and also adds a fantastic flavour. I like to use a lot of sage in my hog roasts, it’s important to add a different dimension of flavour to all food.

My main job is to ensure that the hog is adequately stuffed with good quality pork sausages, not only does this keep the meat succulent but it also adds a great rich pork flavour. I also scour the hog’s skin to give the essential crackling that we all love and cherish! I do this by rubbing sea salt and melted butter all over the hog.

The hog roast in Dedworth went swimmingly, the guests began to arrive about half way through my roasting, the majority of the guests were enjoying a drink when the first hog was ready; the second hog took slightly longer as it was just a touch bigger than the first so it took a little longer.

As the party got into full swing, I watched as the guests began to enjoy their freshly carved sandwich. I watched the guests all tucking in and the look of pure joy on their faces as they each bite.

Leaders In Our Field

As the hog roast in Dedworth drew to a close and the guests had massacred what once were two large hogs, I began to de-set my machine and put all of the leftovers to one side, I do this in case anyone is still hungry later on; it’s a little extra that is usually well received by guests that are in need of sustenance later on in the evening.

Hog Roast DedworthI enjoyed working at the hog roast in Dedworth, mainly because it was close to home but also because it made me realise that the gentleman whose retirement party I had catered for had worked very hard to get to the level that he had reached and he had a lot of friends because of it.

I know I’m a long way off retirement but I do hope that someone organises a hog roast for me when the day comes and I hope I finally get a break from it all!