Hog Roast Holyport

HolyportIn England, we always hope for some relief in the weather, the endless threat of rain throughout the year can really dampen everyone’s plans and summer arrangements. This year has been pretty good so far apart from our delayed winters that seem to get further into the year each time around.

Anyway, I work as a hog roast Holyport chef and I was recently asked to work in Holyport which is situated quite central in Berkshire; I like these types of jobs as it means less travelling for me there and back.

The Best Hog Roasts In Holyport

I began catering with hog roasts when I was around 20, this was because a friend of mine worked for a company that manufactured machines that roast hogs, they also used to hire FullSizeRenderthem out to chefs depending on where they needed them. The hog roast hire Holyport was similar to this type of business. I had to prepare my hog for a wedding party situated on the famous green where Monty Python filmed a maypole scene in one of the famous films they did.

I prepared the hog well in advance to make sure that the hog roast Holyport catering went as smoothly as possible. I stuck to a traditional sage and onion stuffing mix, this isn’t the same as stuffing a chicken or turkey, due to the size of the hog, I chopped up 8 large red onions and split 10 large bunches of sage and bashed them all together raw, I then added a little olive oil to make sure the mix would stay together a little bit and stuffed it all into the hog, my eyes were absolutely streaming with the sheer power of the onion scent!

This mixture works absolute wonders with the meat on the hog, as it roasts, the aromas and flavours come through the meat so perfectly that the whole thing tastes like heaven! I love the stuffing effect in a hog roast. The wedding party arrived on time and the guests began to smell what I was cooking, I didn’t do too many sides for this job as they requested just the rolls and the hog.

The Crackling is an important part of a hog roast for me and pretty much anyone that desires one, I made sure that there would be an equal amount between all of the guests and that no one went without and I predicted correctly.

Once the hog roast Holyport was ready, the smell was so enticing that the guests were lining up to watch the carving take place! Once I carved the first piece of tantalising meat, the bride and groom came to the front of the line and enjoyed their first meal as man and wife.

I couldn’t tell what they loved more, each other or my delicious roast pork! I hope it was the first one! Pretty much all of the guests said that the flavour of meat was a sensation. I got talking to another couple at the wedding who asked if I could do a hog roast hire Holyport again as they were getting married there in the next year! Quite a lucky day for me!

Unique, Fresh Flavours

For the hog roast Holyport, I even made some of my famous apple sauce for the guests to add as they wished in order to showcase some of my other skills which compliment my roasts. This was also a great hit with the diners at the wedding.

toprightThe weather held off all day and made the whole event a perfect day for the happy couple and the family. Once the hog roast in Holyport was over, I de-set my machine and gathered all the leftovers to give to the guests that were remarkably still hungry.

The overall hog roast hire in Holyport was a great experience as I have done a few weddings in my career but none as easy going as this, I made a few new friends out of the job and possibly got another booking so all in all I felt it was a great success.

Being a hog roast chef is easily the most rewarding job I have ever had and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about getting into the catering industry, you get to meet new people, gain great experience as far as roasting and carving goes and not only that but you usually get fed from it providing the guests or clients aren’t too hungry!