Hog Roast Mortimer

MortimerI came to Mortimer at the request of the organisers of the Mortimer Fun Day. A three-day event was planned and I was to cater Hog Roast Mortimer. By all accounts, this was looking like it would be, as the title intended, great fun for everyone with games, prizes, contests, and arts and crafts. It was not meant to be a large event, as Mortimer is a small area, so I did not choose to contact The Spitting Pig for assistance with one of their hog roast hire Mortimer packages, though I often do when I am catering outdoor events.

The Best Hog Roasts In Mortimer

The first day was a bit of a trial as it rained heavily throughout. But, the indomitableHog Roast Mortimer British spirit prevailed and with everyone pitching in, things got set up in good time. I had brought along my Zeus hog roaster, manufactured by The Spitting Pig Company. It’s a top class machine – very durable with its stainless steel outsides and heavy-duty all terrain tyres. I immediately set up the marquee that was to protect me and my assistant from the worst of the weather and after a quick set up of the area, I was able to put my meat on the spit to roast. I opted this time, since it was a 3-day event, to roast racks of ribs, sausages, whole potatoes, and chickens. This was easier than having one large piece of meat that perhaps would not be fully devoured by the good people of Mortimer on the first day.

A good call, considering the weather; and once I fired up the Zeus, things were soon on their way. But, still the rains fell. At first the trades people and organisers were concerned that no one would show, but there seems to be a fortitude within each of us Brits that bears all manner of discomfort in order to enjoy the day. Perhaps it’s the old ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude, or maybe it’s just the inherent sense of fun we all possess; but whatever its origins, I believe it’s a wonderful part of who we are.

And so, though the numbers of guests were low on Day One, the two subsequent days were a mixture of cloud and piercing sunlight. And by mid-day on Day Two, things were picking up. I made sure I had a good selection of warm, fresh rolls in all sizes and shapes, and sauces and condiments as well, to enhance whatever it was that people chose to eat. I was also offering platefuls of chicken legs and thighs and the roasted whole potatoes didn’t last long either. I remember as a young lad buying whole roast potatoes off vendors on my High Street. This was an especially welcome treat in winter as it warmed the hands and the insides, too! And so it was as well on this particular cool summer weekend. I find potatoes roasted in any of The Spitting Pig Company’s hog roasting machines, are absolute perfection. The skin is crispy and holds in the moist, creamy insides of the potato to just the right temperature and consistency.

Experienced, Flexible Hog Roast Chefs

Hog Roast MortimerOn the last day of the Mortimer Fun Day, just before we began to pack up for home, I was able to have a chat with some of the event organisers and local folk. A few were interested in having their own future events, including a hog roast. Some of these events looked to be formal affairs and so I explained about The Spitting Pig Company and their invaluable services to the catering industry which include flexible hog roast hire Mortimer packages. Hopefully, some of these people will again contact us in the future to cater their events.

Hog Roast Mortimer was not the easiest event I ever attended, but it was in many ways the most fun because it contained that old fighting spirit the British are so well known and loved for.