Hog Roast Twyford

TwyfordEver wondered what it is like to be a hog roast caterer in Twyford? Well let me tell you right now that no two days are ever alike and that can sometimes be a blessing and a curse, but mainly it is an exciting way to earn a living doing something I love.

Firstly let me tell you a bit about the village of Twyford where my company ‘Piggylicious’ is based. A small village in the South, Twyford has around 7000 residents who mostly all have one important thing in common…a passion for pork.

Due to this shared love of a hot locally sourced roast pork sandwich the area has made the Hog Roast Twyford a ‘must have’ at various venues and functions such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, christenings, sports events and celeb bashes. We cater all over the country but mainly in the South East and surrounding Royal Counties.

My idea for the business came when my best friend got hitched a few years ago and wanted not only a reception on the wedding day but a big party with live bands at her parent’s house the following day. I had my doubts when I first heard her plans as I thought all the guests would be tired from the main event but I perked right up when I arrived and saw what appeared to be a large pig on a sun bed, the staff serving were fantastic and the food went on and on all night, guests were still picking the pig well into the early hours and it did wonders soaking up all the excesses of the weekend. I thought I have to be a part of this, and I have never looked back!

The Best Hog Roasts In Twyford

One of our proudest moments as a hog roast caterer came when we catered at the Olympics wrap party for 300 hungry Team GB athletes which was a huge Spitting Pig Cateringsuccess. My team of chefs, waiting staff and I arrived in plenty of time to set up the equipment and several gazebos (as who can trust the British summer?) to cook the hog from fresh onsite. We can offer a butty snack in a bread roll, a formal or informal in or outdoor buffet and even a sit down meal. If pork doesn’t float your canoe we can do chicken spits or lamb so there is always something for everyone.

The Olympians chose an outdoor buffet and a hog of Greek God Dionysus proportions; he loved a good knees up!

As the amazing smell of pork wafted around the party drawing the hungry athletes nearer we all got ready for a very busy hog roast Twyford service. We supplied plenty of side salads for the gymnasts and equestrians and heaps of meat including burgers, sausages and kebabs for the swimmers, shot putters and wrestlers!

As some of these Gods and Goddesses consume up to and over 6000 calories a day the pressure was really on the make sure everyone had their fill, but rest assured there was plenty enough golden piggy for them all.