Hog Roast Warfield

WarfieldWorking doing a job you enjoy is one of the best things you can do in life if you get lucky enough to get the chance that is! I have worked as a hog roast chef for the past 4 years. I originally started work as a carvery chef in my local carvery. This allowed me to get the necessary skills to do what I do today, to a very high standard.

These days I am given work in different parts of the UK and I frequently attend parties, weddings and once every so often, a festival. I was recently sent to work in Warfield, which is a nice little parish town in Berkshire, they were having their annual village fete and I was asked to go and cater for the hungry visitors.

The Best Hog Roasts In Warfield

I was under the impression that fetes didn’t really exist anymore which is certainly not the case, the Warfield fete is one of the best I have ever seen with plenty to do and many faces to meet. The stand where I was based was next to a local bread maker who coincidentally had made an extra batch of rolls as he knew I would be next to him.Hog Roast Warfield

It was great to meet a new friend at the hog roast Warfield, I love that aspect of my job, there’s always plenty of time for me to set up my stand with the machine and still serve the guests a fine meal at the end of the roast.

The hog roast Warfield was performed slightly quicker than my usual roasts as the hog roast hire Warfield machine I used was recently upgraded to give a faster roasting time, this is useful in situations such as this due to the amount of hungry people in attendance. As with all of my hog roasts, the Warfield one was a roaring success. I opted for a traditional roast for the fete as I think people can be put off trying new things when it comes to meat. Not that there’s anything wrong with adding new flavours and trying new techniques in cooking but I like to keep it traditional when I cater for a wider variety of people.

For the hog roast in Warfield, I purchased a fantastic hog that had enough meat to sink a small ship on it! When it comes to preparation of the hog, I tend to use a butter and olive oil mix to give the crackling a good flavour and good aesthetics all over, I tend to steer clear of using injections in the meat as it can often make the end result a bit sloppy if you know what I mean. The other preparations include scouring the skin with my American hickory knife that is kept really sharp and clean, this gives me great ease to achieving manageable pieces of crackling for all the guests. I tend to add sea salt to the skin in the final hour to crisp everything up perfectly.

As the hog roast hire Warfield chef, I decided to take a look around the village of Warfield whilst the stand was attended by my assistant. I didn’t wander too far as I knew serving time would be soon. When I got half way up Cabbage Hill, I decided it would be time to go back.

Leaders In Our Field

When I arrived at the fete again, I noticed a small stand where an old lady was serving a medley of jams and sauces that she makes herself. One of which was a home-made Hog Roast Warfieldbramley apple sauce that she allowed me to sample, it was so sharp that I had to have a few jars to use on the roast, I told her where my stand was and she said I could have a discount if I gave her the first sandwich of the day.

Once the hog roast in Warfield was ready, I used the bakers roll, the home-made sauce and the most succulent and delicious pork I had literally ever tasted all together and split them four ways before the punters arrived, we all ate them in silence and disbelief at what we had created.

We were all agreed that between the three of us we made a wonderful team! All of the hungry visitors agreed that it was probably the greatest thing they had ever eaten. This means that the hog roast hire in Warfield was well worth it and I’ll definitely be coming back next year!