Hog Roast Windlesham

WindleshamThe First World War and Second World War were some of the hardest times in the world from what I have heard from the veterans that I have met and from talking to my Grandfather before he passed away a few years ago.

Some of the places that have tributes, monuments and reminders of those austere times are fantastic places to visit and pay your respects. I have visited many of them in the northern parts of the UK including the infamous war-boat U534 in Merseyside.

My job has taken me to a few places to in the south where I live, but I was pleased to see that I was due to attend the Windlesham village fete on the remembrance green. This is held annually and many visitors attend.

I work as a hog roast Windlesham chef and have done for the past 15 years, I grew up on a pig farm so I have many years experience of how to get great results from pork. My career began when I was 20 and a friend offered to build me a mobile roasting machine which I duly received and put to good use.

The Best Hog Roasts In WindleshamHog Roast Windlesham

The hog roast hire Windlesham catering was an interesting experience as I arrived at the wrong green first! After a few phone calls, I was at the right place with plenty of time to spare. I had prepared my hog the day before by using a honey glaze that would ensure tenderness with the meat and a great, sweet flavour.

After I had set the machine up and started the roast, I worked on making sure all of the condiments were set out for ease of access to the visitors. I’ll share a tip with you all, at the hog roast Windlesham event, I used a simple glaze of honey and coca cola, if you roast a gammon joint in your Sunday roast, keep a can of coke handy and pour it over in the last hour of cooking. This not only gives a wonderful sweet taste but also softens the meat to the point of melt-in-the-mouth standards.

Once the roast was ready to serve, I had a home-made barbecue sauce ready to go on the freshly carved hog. The guests were coming thick and fast, before I knew it, I was half way through the hog already.
As usual I was relieved of all of my crackling before the meat was properly started! I guess nothing quite hits the spot like a freshly roasted piece of crackling!

The highlight for me was when I was asked for a two hog roast sandwiches by a familiar looking gentleman called Brian May! The guitarist from Queen was visiting friends he has in Windlesham and decided to call by the village fete and get a bit to eat! I was amazed to see him in person and got him to sign a napkin for me.

aboutus-168x300Once I had run out completely, I began to de set the machine a young man came over to me and asked if I’d seen Brian May, as he’d missed him earlier, I said I had but it was ages ago and hadn’t seen him since, the young man looked disappointed so I took pity and handed him the napkin the I had signed, his face lit up!

The good thing about my job is that I get to see ultimate satisfaction on people’s faces when they dig in to the freshest pork sandwich they have ever had, I take a lot of pride in my work and I go the extra mile to make sure that the hog roast is the best.

The hog roast hire Windlesham really paid off for me as I enjoyed the day and got to meet and serve a childhood hero of mine. It really makes my day to see people enjoying my hard work too. I love this part of my job, you never know who is hungry and on their way to your stall!

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A hog roast hire in Windlesham is well worth it, if you need something different, tasty and ultimately a lot more satisfying than a frozen burger done on a hot plate, then look no further.

Once you have taken the first bite out of one of my honey glazed hot roast sandwiches with a beautiful barbecue sauce, you’ll never ever go back to standard outdoor catering. These really are the greatest sandwiches you’ll ever try; to taste one is to experience pork done in the best way possible, roasted to perfection.