Readying For The Summer At Hog Roast Reading!

Hog Roast ReadingIt may just be because the sun has been out and the days have been brighter more than usual in the past week, but here at Hog Roast Reading we are already dreaming ahead to the summer. Summer for us as a caterer is one of our favourite seasons for events; it is typically when most weddings are held which is always the most exciting kind of event for any caterer to attend, and it also means we get a far higher amount of outdoor events to cater which is just a generally more pleasant experience both for us as the caterer and the guests.

Hog Roast ReadingIt’s also where our hog roasts and our sizzling barbecues really come to the fore and help us to really show off the best of Hog Roast Reading. Part of our speciality as a hog roaster means that we have dedicated ourselves to a craft that your traditionally likely would have found outside, as it takes quite a bit of space to set up and can be quite smoky when cooking for that many hours. We can thankfully avoid that with the use of our self-contained hog roast machines, but where possible we love getting to open our roasters and get them outside where they belong to really show off the full effect of this incredible practice. With these machines we can also grill, so getting time to throw a barbecue is another instance where our Hog Roast Reading chefs really get to show off all their tricks and whip up burger after burger after sausage after BBQ marinated rib – it’s the most fun kind of dining that we have in the UK.

With one eye on the summer already, our Hog Roast Reading teams are now hard at work making sure we are well prepped for the busy season. Our admin team is finalising plenty of bookings for the next few months while our teams all across the country are getting their refresher training that we do every so often just to keep everyone at the top of their game. We’re ready for a summer sizzler in 2024, so we just want to know if you are too. If so, then come book an event with us today!