The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup – Catering Event

I was on the road again yesterday, armed with the most lethal weapon in the catering business, my trusted Spitting Pig hog roast machine and an arsenal of fresh, free range meat to boot. Where was I heading? Across to Ascot, in particular to the ‘The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup’, one of the worlds most important international jockey competitions.
If you’ve ever been to Ascot you know they put on a great day and do more than horse racing, lots of activities outside of horse racing to give a complete experience. We were called in specifically to offer something different to keep guests hungry. There were a few pop artists there performing, Rick Astley being the most famous, but none were quite as well received as the Spitting Pig hog roasts.
Everyone at the event were in for a real treat – there was racing, food, drinks, music, and plenty more. Me and the others as part of the team even managed a pretty good view of both the race track and the stage where the musicians later performed.
We kept it really simple as the organisers wanted; there was no chairs, no waitresses, no complete meals, just a really extensive selection of spit roast snack sandwiches. Pigs, lambs, chickens, beef – you name it, we were spitting and cooking it, and giving it out to anybody who came across our serving area. Over the course of the day we’d served up thousands of roast sandwiches, tons of meat cooked, carved and ate. Celebrities, politicians, we even managed to serve a royal or two and Rick Astley himself tucked into a hog roast roll before beginning his set a little while later. In fact at one point it seemed like people were more interested in their free hog roast and spit roast sandwich than they were the pop music entertainment across from us.
What really made the day for us and everybody else while we’re at it was the stunning weather that we had throughout the day. It really makes a welcome change to get such glorious weather pretty much in the middle of August, and it made a change to be hog roasting outdoors under the sun rather than being cooped up indoors all day.
By the time that we’d run out of the meat, after having the few last sandwiches for ourselves, we stayed on for a few hours to enjoy the entertainment and have a few drinks – after we got all the machines and gear back into the hog roast van that is. None of us did particularly well on the horses, Neil placed and won £50 but that was about it. If there was a winner on the day it was hog roasting, everybody who had a bite of our sandwiches left knowing that Spitting Pig is the caterer to book for any event.

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