3 Ways To Enjoy Your Summer Events With Hog Roast Binfield Catering

You might merely know us as the team behind the famous catered hog roast, but here at Hog Roast Binfield we have so much more to offer for your summer of events. From the classics to some exciting twists and unique menus, with Hog Roast Binfield there are many ways to get served, so come and look at a few of our favourites for the summer.

Hog Roast BinfieldDine Like You’re On Holiday

Summer is made for outdoor dining, or as the Italians would call it, Alfresco dining. Because the Italians are the masters of summer foods we have looked to them to craft our own Alfresco menu perfect for catering at your summer events.

Our Alfresco menu will have you feeling like you are in the plazas of Rome as you enjoy our platters of the finest Italian meats and cheeses served with Italian artisanal breads and oils. You’ll be refreshed by our colourful salads, our grazing tables of the most delicious sides and greens, amazed by our pulled pork rolls made fresh from a hog roast – well we had to put a bit of our own name back into this Italian style menu of course!

Can’t Beat A Summer Barbie!

If you’ve lived in Britain for any time at all you’ll no doubt have had your share of summer barbecues. When the sun comes out we all love to get the barbie out and gather together for a good old cookout. At Hog Roast Binfield we are no different, but our barbecue comes made gourmet style from locally fresh and high-quality meats.

With our mobile spit roasters our Hog Roast Binfield team can turn out the most exquisite barbecue with many different foods grilled up all at once so that you can just keep on coming back for more and more!

Hog Roast BinfieldRoasts, Texas Style!

Of course we know we love our roasts here in the UK, but our American friends in the West know all about putting on a hot and spicy roast for the warmer weathers. Our Southern Slow Roast Menu is an ode to just that, delivering the smoky and spicy tastes of the American South.

Enjoy Louisiana Sticky Pork Ribs, Texan 24-hour Brisket, hickory smoked bbq sauces, mouth watering Cajun hot sauces and so much more with this smoky summer cookout!