50th Anniversary Celebrations, Hog Roast Calcot.

A Warm Welcome

To top of a busy weekend we made the journey to Calcot to celebrate a care homes 50th anniversary since opening. Upon arrival we received a warm greeting from carers and residents alike and the atmosphere was pleasant from the beginning. Throughout the whole day interest was shown in our work and what we were doing, the residents were certainly inquisitive!

We arrived late morning to make the meal for early evening. Preparation started by setting up our machines and lighting the fire to slowly cook the soon to be succulent pig.  Once the culinary basics were completed such as salting and adding spices to the hog roast Calcot and we started the six hour cook from there. The quality of cooking by the chef is crucial, as all our food we want to make special and memorable to clients and their guests. The cooking process is delicate, as a chef you need to ensure the hog is roasted evenly on both sides and at the optimum temperature. The hog cooked at this event was one of the most exquisite you’ll see, the meat was terrifically tender and melted in the mouth and the aroma was heavenly.

Of course hog roast in Calcot isn’t the only item of food we prepared, the package ordered by the home was our fourth private party option. This meant to go with the hog there was also crackling, stuffing and apple sauce, as well as turkey with cranberries and chicken with onion gravy if desired. Also available was a variety of sauces, salads , freshly baked bread, divine gourmet sausages and burgers as well as inviting new potatoes with a herb butter.

This also gave them the luxury of having our delightful waiting staff to help serve the food to the sweet residents, who were highly thankful for the effort we’d put in and were astounded by the food. The day was full of smiling faces and was completed by a goodbye even warmer than our welcome, we returned home happy with our successful venture. We knew we’d made the end of the residents day of celebrations a happy one.