A Christmas Event Hog Roast, Owlsmoor.

Our event today is at a local school near Owlsmoor, its their Christmas event – we have been catering for lots of Christmas parties this year. We arrive 1 hour and 30 minutes before the serve time as requested, we then found the contact in charge so we could confirm where she would like us to set up. It takes us less than 20 minutes to set up the hog roast in Owlsmoor and be in place. Lisa our catering assistant sets about putting our freshly pressed linen on our table and putting out all the sauces and serving plates, keeping all the salads in the refrigerated boxes till the last minute. Meanwhile, the chef Stewart tends to the pig.

After this the guests start arriving and going into the school hall, we have set up just outside the doors, so the guests are able to easily come for their food and go back in and party. Stewart our chef then starts removing the crisp crackling and shredding the pork which just falls apart where it’s been slowly cooked and then places the juices back in for a succulent moist taste. While this is happening Lisa removes the freshly prepared salads from their thermal boxes and places them on the table with their serving equipment.

We let the host know we are ready to serve our hog roast Owlsmoor and its announced by the DJ, all the guests come out and are served their hog in a roll, with or without crackling on the side, and then help themselves to stuffing, salads and a selection of sauces.

After all the guests are served and have been back for seconds if they wish, Lisa checks if anyone would like anymore. Stewart and Lisa then go about clearing up all rubbish and tidying away their equipment – this takes around 20mins. Once they have loaded the van and double checked all is clear and clean they say their goodbyes and head back.