Hog Roast Hungerford – What Will You Be Piling Your Plate with This Christmas?

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year, isn’t it? What other times of the year do you get a holiday where food is such a central part to the occasion? For a team of food lovers like Hog Roast Hungerford catering, Christmas is our dream time of year because we get to indulge in some of the best roast foods around for nearly a whole month. Roast turkey, golden roasties, roast veg, lots of gravy – it’s the best feast of the year, every single year!

Everyone has their favourites when it comes to the classic Christmas dinner. Some love the main event, the turkey, and just cannot get enough from their Christmas roast. Even after Christmas day itself it is still days and days of turkey sandwiches for lunch and dinner, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Hog Roast HungerfordOr maybe you’re more a fan of the backup acts; the sides that steal the show with their understated brilliance. The pigs in blankets of the Christmas feast, the stuffing, the excellent side acts that make up the meal. You can’t have a Christmas dinner without them, even if they’re not taking up the limelight like the turkey.

Or maybe you’re a fan of the solid foundations that every Christmas dinner is built on. Where would we be without our classic dependables, our golden roast potatoes, the roast vegetables (yes, even the sprouts), the gravy and the cranberry sauces. They’re the bedrock of the Christmas dinner, and even if they aren’t flashy like the pigs in blankets, we at Hog Roast Hungerford reckon they’re the real winners of the season.

Or perhaps for you Christmas is all about the desserts and the sweet treats. There are so many to choose from, after all. Mince pies, Christmas pudding, gingerbread men, candy canes, panettone, trifle, the list goes on. Even though Hog Roast Hungerford is of course all about the main roast, we can’t help but indulge our sweet tooth at Christmas too.

So, this Christmas, what will you be piling your plate with? At Hog Roast Hungerford we’ll probably have a healthy helping of everything!