Hog Roast Overton – Helping Out Your October Events

Who could believe we’re already into October? It seemed like only yesterday we were coming out for summer, cheering on England at the Euros, enjoying the summer shine and taking beachy breaks throughout the nation. Now though Autumn is firmly here, we need only look to the leaves all around the ground on our commute to work and their wondrous gold and brown colours. In a way it is often sad to say goodbye to summer, but we also cannot be warmed and comforted by the autumnal atmosphere – perfect for pumpkin spiced treats and, of course, to cosy up with a delicious golden roast. Thankfully Hog Roast Overton has all you need to brighten up those darker autumnal evenings this October!

At Hog Roast Overton we understand the reason for the season. Our specialised roast dining catering is perfect for that autumnal aesthetic with its warm brilliance and brown and gold crisp textures. This is one feast that is assured to keep you cosier as the nights draw in. Bundle up in your favourite sweater and chow down on a glorious, well-salted, pulled-pork roll and savour all that is brilliant about the Fall months with Hog Roast Overton.

Hog Roast Overton It’s easy to get lost in that post-summer blues, so let us pick you up again for the final push to the end of the year with some bright shining dining guaranteed to make you smile. Plus, think about the positives, no more painful discipline needed to retain that summer beach bod. You can just relax instead and “pig out” on a proper feast now that all the beaching and sun tanning is done – we won’t judge one bit! Let go of that stringent discipline and reward yourself with a roast on us.

With Hog Roast Overton you’re getting the best in dining and service always. It’s a stylish way to approach catering, so why not jazz up your October events just a little with the novel roasts of Hog Roast Overton. We guarantee you won’t regret a thing!