Hog Roast Slough Machine Hire

Like many of our clients are, you may be surprised to learn that in addition to providing food for weddings, private events and even corporate luncheons, Hog Roast Slough also manufacture our very own hog roasting machines! We do this from our little factory in the north west of England. From here our dedicated team of engineers work around the clock to build and maintain these fantastic Hog Roast Slough machines for both our professional use and the enjoyment of our clients.

Hog Roast SloughAs we are so passionate about the art of hog roasting, we want to give everyone the opportunity to try it out for themselves, this is why we run a hire scheme with absolutely no pressure to buy a machine afterwards. We find that many of our machines customers are intimidated by the prospect purchasing an industrial grade machine and so we provide this option for those who would like to give it a go with no pressure.

This week we were delivering the Hogmaster Pro to our client Samuel who had booked in to hire it for just over two weeks. In this time Samuel was planning to rustle up a couple of Hog Roast Slough’s for himself and his family and friends and use their reactions to decide whether he should go ahead and make a purchase.

Luckily for Samuel all of our Hog Roast Slough machines come with an intuitive design and really could not be easier to operate. It is often simply a case of loading the meat onto the machine and leaving it to become succulent and tender – the machine does all of the hard work for you!

We dropped off the Hogmaster Pro at Samuel’s home along with a small hog for him to roast to get him started and left him our phone number in case he should need it. We are looking forward to hearing how he gets on!