Hog Roast Storrington Left Guests Speechless At A Charity Auction Fundraising Event

Hog roasts make for an excellent addition to any event, whether that be a surprise birthday party or a formal corporate function – and at Hog Roast Storrington our team have catered for the lot. While we thoroughly enjoy every single event we work at, nothing quite compares to the rewarding feeling that comes with getting involved in an occasion which benefits a local community!

Hog Roast StorringtonThis passion for helping others saw our catering team travel further afield than usual last Sunday to help Sandra pull off an auction event which aimed to raise awareness and vital funds for a small, family-run charity.

Having successfully sold all 100 available tickets for the event, the client decided to make the day even more spectacular for the guests by incorporating a delicious meal, and while searching for an option that wouldn’t break the bank, she discovered Hog Roast Storrington.  After going over her options with our friendly customer service team, Sandra placed a booking for our signature classic hog roast menu, with a yummy meat-free alternative for any vegetarians and vegans who might attend.

On the day of the auction, the Hog Roast Storrington team set themselves up at the back of the hall, where they prepared the whole pig by evenly scoring and slow roasting it in our Hogmaster Pro. As the glorious scents of cooked pork wafted throughout the room, the ticket holders began to arrive. Before taking a good look at the oddities and antiques up for grabs, the guests stepped up to the buffet table where they eagerly indulged in the juicy pulled pork, crispy crackling, sage and onion stuffing and sweet applesauce which had been generously packed into one of our homemade soft and floury gluten-free rolls. Those following meat-free diets were also left feeling satisfied after digging into the grilled veggie skewers with flatbreads and tzatziki dip which set them up for the day ahead.

The auctions encouraged good-natured fun between the guests as they bid against each other in the hopes of taking home some unique and bizarre objects, and with everyone enjoying the great atmosphere and equally fantastic food from Hog Roast Storrington, host Sandra was delighted to exceed her fundraising goal!