Professional Catering Experts For Any Event – Hog Roast Overton

Hog Roast Overton knows a thing or two about catering all kinds of parties and events, as we’ve spent a long time doing so. From wedding breakfasts to school fairs, business lunches to christenings, birthday celebrations to charity functions, and so much more, our dedicated professionals lead the way with delicious food freshly made on the day, while ensuring that the service is top-notch each and every time.

Hog Roast OvertonWhatever kind of special occasion you may be planning, Hog Roast Overton can help you to make it go with a bang and with food that your guests aren’t likely to forget in a hurry. We offer many different meaty options and not just the hog roasts that we’re famous for, as we can cook spit-roasted beef, lamb, turkey or chicken (or something else if you prefer), or we can even cook you and your guests a barbecue with chef’s own sausages and burgers that are 100% beef. Our Southern Slow Roast Menu features not one but three marinated meats and you also get to choose four hot or cold sides to boot, while our loaded fries are French fries smothered with several amazing toppings that include your choice of beef brisket or pulled pork. Your carnivore guests will surely be impressed with whatever you decide on.

But what if you’re inviting non-meat eaters or guests on special diets due to allergies or intolerances? Hog Roast Overton can always easily provide suitable, tasty options as long as we know in advance, and our chef can then create them fresh on the day. This includes not only main courses but additional dishes too, like sides, starters, desserts and canap├ęs. Regardless of your needs, we’ll work with you to create the menu of your dreams.

For Steph and Lofty’s engagement do on Friday, our chef and catering assistants cooked up a storm with pigs in buns and some side dishes for their forty guests at a boutique hotel. After the hog sizzled away for more than four hours, we filled bread rolls and wraps with meat and crackling and added our stuffing and apple sauce, and dished up homemade mac and cheese, wedges and coleslaw. The couple and their guests loved our food so much that we’ve been booked for their wedding too!