School Bonfire Night Celebrations With Hog Roast Crowthorne

Founded in 1820, Eagle House School is one of the oldest prep schools in the country and keeping up with one of their longest-running traditions the staff made arrangements for the EHA (Eagle’s House Association) to celebrate bonfire night which this year coincided with the student’s weekend hockey and rugby matches. With each year attracting a growing number of parents, children and staff, it was decided that this year’s event should be more impressive than ever before and coming together the school came up with the idea of rounding off the sporty afternoon with a bazaar and fireworks display which was catered for by Hog Roast Crowthorne.

Hog Roast CrowthorneHaving catered for a number of similar events over the years, catering manager Raffa was confident in his abilities to pull off the much-anticipated occasion and after talking the client through our expansive list menu options, they selected our classic hog roast feast to feed the 175 guests who were set to attend the do. Relieved that Hog Roast Crowthorne was handling the hardest part of the day, the EHA turned their focus to updating the attendees with the details as well as coming up with additional ideas for the other bazaar stalls.

As the rain pelted down, Hog Roast Crowthorne made the short trip to Eagle House School where they started making preparations for the evening buffet by evenly scoring the whole pig and allowing it to sizzle on a low heat in our Hog Master Pro for several hours while they whipped up generous batches of savoury stuffing and an applesauce accompaniment. By 4:30 pm, the afternoon sports competitions were over and after running around in the rain all morning the kids were starving and in desperate need of something to heat them up. Luckily for them, the hog roast was complete and as the EHA readied the candyfloss and double dare competition stalls, the children and guests packed our gluten-free rolls full of succulent pulled pork, crispy crackling and stuffing which they topped off with a drizzle of the sweet applesauce.

The dual event was a huge success and as the night drew to a close, Hog Roast Crowthorne served up the remainder of the buffet while the fireworks display rounded off.