The enduring popularity of Hog Roast Cold Ash!

There is nothing better than tucking into some melt in the mouth pork that has been cooked slowly on a spit for hours until it is falling off the bone. It makes a great addition to any party or event, and our clients can’t get enough of our superior hog roasts!

Hog roasts are an increasingly popular feature of many outdoor events across the UK and our style of catering has become very prominent on the UK catering scene. But where did hog roast cooking originate and why has it stood the test of time?

hog roast Cold AshCooking a whole hog over a fire certainly isn’t a modern invention, in fact it is thousands of years old, with evidence of it dating as far back as the Bronze Age, and people have been roasting hogs ever since! There is evidence through every era in our long history that hog roasting was a cooking technique through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance all the way through to modern day.

It isn’t just a phenomenon that has been enjoyed in the UK either. Many cultures across the world have their own version of our classic hog roast with their own important traditions attached to it, from China, Indonesia and the Philippines, to Brazil, Cuba and the Caribbean.

Here at Hog Roast Cold Ash, we believe that this fantastic method of cooking meat has endured through the ages because it has never been beaten. Roasting the meat slowly and delicately as it constantly turns on a spit achieves a level of succulence that conventional ovens cannot manage. From medieval banquet halls to modern outdoor dining, a hog roast has always made for an impressive centrepiece on any occasion.

The passionate team here at Hog Roast Cold Ash celebrate the hog roast’s position in our culinary heritage at every event we cater for. We love introducing it to a whole new audience and exceeding people’s expectations when they realise that with us at the helm, this unique style of catering really is suitable for any occasion. Through our mastery of this traditional craft and the development of cutting-edge hog roast catering equipment, we are able to showcase hog roasts at their very best, and we hope that people continue to enjoy them for many more years to come!