Hog Roast Pewsey brings good cheer!

Hog Roast Pewsey can bring a delicious buffet straight to your door! Their latest Clients, the lovely couple Hannah and Sam, made the most of the teams Gourmet Delivery service.

The clients wanted a lovely evening buffet to be delivered to their house for them and their 6 guests to enjoy. The clients were celebrating some rather special news: they had gotten engaged! This dinner party was their party to celebrate it! As such they worked with the Hog Roast Pewsey team to come up with a tasty menu full of thoroughly luxurious dishes.

Hog Roast PewseyChef Roy started work in plenty of time on the day of the event, he worked at the Hog Roast Pewsey kitchens to create the entire buffet fresh from scratch. Once the dishes were hot and ready Chef Roy put them in large foil transport trays so that they would stay warm and safe during the journey to the Clients home. As well as delivering the food, Chef Roy would also return to the Clients home after the event to collect the rubbish from the event, this in turn would be disposed of safely by the Hog Roast Pewsey team, leaving the Clients able to enjoy their special time.

The buffet for the party was truly tempting! There was lots of tasty dishes including Slow Roasted Spring Lamb seasoned with Rosemary and served with Mint and a Mustard and Dill Sauce. Alongside this dish there was a tray of piping hot, perfectly prepared seasonal vegetables for the guests to tuck into. There was also a platter of new potatoes roasted with rosemary and garlic. Finishing off the buffet was an assortment of soft rolls and dips and sauces

The buffet was a magnificent spread of food, one that could be served straight from the transport trays as soon as Chef Roy delivered it. It was still piping hot and perfect when Chef Roy delivered it to the Clients home at the agreed upon time of 6pm.

There were smiles all round when the food was dropped off, the buffet was exactly as they had planned it to be and there was plenty of food to go round! The Clients were delighted and sent their thanks to the team and Chef Roy in particular, their dinner party had been great fun!