Pigs In Buns And Sides For All – Hog Roast Pulborough

When it comes to freshly preparing, cooking and serving our signature food, the good old traditional hog roast, Hog Roast Pulborough is number one both near and far; after all, it’s part of our name and has been for many years, while we perfected them on our own range of hog roast machines. Nevertheless, we’ve also spent a long time perfecting our other menus too, which we created with our customers in mind, as we understand the need for choice and variety in order to satisfy all of your guests’ needs.

Hog Roast PulboroughIf you’re inviting vegans or vegetarians, or guests with food allergies or intolerances, Hog Roast Pulborough can help you to decide on which of our tasty alternative dishes to make fresh on the day. We just need advance notice, so when you book, let us know any dietary requirements. We can also easily cater to varying personal tastes, with spit-roasted or barbecued meat instead of a hog roast centrepiece if preferred, or we can wow your guests with one of our standalone menus, like our Southern Slow Roast, which gives you three meats and four sides of your choice, or our Loaded Fries, which are topped with meat, slaw and cheese.

You may be thinking of having a multi-course menu and with our wide range of canapés, starters, sides and desserts, we can help you to devise the menu of your dreams, and you can mix and match items between menus if that’s better for you. Whatever you’re planning, no matter the kind of food that you fancy and regardless of diets, appetites and tastes, we’ll help your next special occasion to be a great success.

Hog Roast Pulborough catered a corporate function recently, where we cooked up a storm with one of our amazing hog roasts, made into piles of pigs in buns, which were enjoyed alongside sides of mac and cheese, jacket potatoes and coleslaw. After the hog sizzled to perfection over several hours, our chef carved off the crunchy crackling and sliced up the meat, ready to be crammed into fresh rolls and wraps together with our own stuffing and apple sauce, then we set out the sides, sauces and serviettes, and  it was finally time to serve.