Daughters Birthday Catering – Hog Roast Tilehurst!

At Hog Roast Tilehurst, we have many repeat customers, either those who use our catering services, those who buy our own range of hog roast machines or those who hire them. You may be thinking of hosting your own hog or spit roast at home with friends and family or you may be hosting one at your place of business, for example, and our rental service is renowned for several reasons. Our machines are excellent, durable, and trusty and they cook gorgeous food, of course, and not just meat, as they act like conventional ovens so are capable of cooking so much more if needed. However, we are also passionate about teaching or at least guiding others, and that includes ensuring that our customers know how to use our machines and are comfortable when doing so.

Hog Roast Tilehurst recently spoke to a new customer, Melanie, who had been recommended by one of our regulars. Wanting to cook a hog roast for her daughter’s birthday but having never Head Office - pig3cooked with a hog roast machine before, Melanie was understandably apprehensive, but we explained just how easy our machines are to use and put her mind at ease when we told her that we would walk her through it all when we dropped the machine off at the venue of her choice. She asked us where she could source a small pig that would feed 15 guests and was relieved to hear that as part of our service, we can source it for her if preferred, using one of our trusted suppliers. Melanie happily booked us in for a machine hire together with a small, high-quality pig, and we looked forward to introducing her to the art of hog roasting.

On the morning of Melanie’s daughter’s 16th birthday, one of our team visited her home, the party venue, along with the machine and meat. After talking her through the ins and outs of roasting a hog, we also told her all about preparing the fresh pig first, and then left her to her own devices. When Hog Roast Tilehurst collected the machine the following day, we were happy to hear all about the amazing food that Melanie cooked using one of our machines, including veggies and potatoes as well as the hog itself.